The attention to continually transforming the world of cutting and the ever-more specific technical and commercial needs of clients, has led to the creation of TCom, a genuine link between the manufacturer and the final user.

An extensive commercial network capable of reaching anywhere in Italy, made up of highly-experienced people, ready to provide the client with all-round solid support in metal cutting and all its applications.

A service which supports the client in a complete and direct way, from the selection of the most suitable cutting tool, to the fluids for better performance of machines, aimed at optimising productive cycles and achieving better performance cutting.

TService - A team of technicians ready to go

Thunder Blade S.r.l has invested in expertise and researched resources to create TService, an internal department dedicated to maintenance, repairs, applications and technical support for cutting, with staff who are qualified and have many years of experience.

Our technicians are able to promptly intervene in the event of unforeseen breakages and/or malfunctioning of sawing machines throughout the whole of Italy, and of carrying out technical interventions, both at the client's centre or in our own facility, as well as organising and managing standard and one-off maintenance with or without programmed maintenance contracts.

The TService staff can carry out precautionary checkups of machines in the client's facility, noticing possible anomolies and/or malfunctioning, in order to be able to offer timely technical solutions and the best intervention timing, to spare the client from unforeseen and damaging breaks in production.

TService was set up to support the client's cutting staff with our highly-qualified technicians, with the aim of testing new types of blades, carrying out practical tests on materials and cutting, targetted at optimising the result in terms of costs, time and lasting performance.