Quality and Expertise

In March 2011, in the world of Italian cutting, the demand for increasing expertise and the search for high-performance products led to an enterprise which aims to act as a catalyst for demand and to respond in a professional way to the needs of the various companies operating throughout the country.

THUNDER BLADE SRL strives towards shared growth for the client/supplier, through an exclusive partnership with two of the largest cutting tool producers currently on the market: BAHCO for bandsaw blades and TENRYU for circular blades.

Thanks to the extensive experience of these two companies, and a meticuolous selection of products and technology, today THUNDER BLADE SRL can offer an increased quality of products and technical and commerical support, and this is also thanks to the company's internal production department and a warehouse offering the end client assistance, reliability and punctual delivieries.

To complete the range of services offered, THUNDER BLADE SRL can guarantee a qualified and efficient technical maintenance service which, combined with assistance with the available tools, supports the client in achieving the best cutting performance.