A modern way of approaching the market and combining experience and expertise which result in a shared objective: efficiency, reliability and technology for the end client. This is the goal of BST (The Italian Bandsaws Solutions Theatre), the cornerstone of research and development in swarf removal through both traditional and hard metal blade cutting.

A laboratory which brings together knowledge, testing and technology, originating from the union of experiences of BTM SRL, manufacturer of bandsaw and circular saws, THUNDER BLADE SRL and SO.FIN.A., manufacturer of vertical saws and large-size machines. A permanent exhibition of saws, from basic manual models for small workshops, to CNC large-scale models for increased cutting performance. BST offers the client the possibility of directly testing the cutting of any type of material and to experience the product's quality, efficiency and technology first-hand.

In the BST centre we have a dedicated room reserved for industry operators, to be able to provide constantly evolving informative support, combining theory and practice.

An enterprise which does not presume to be the best, the biggest or the most expert, but which is open to everyone and ready to challenge itself each and every day.